University of Liège

The CAREM takes care of any sample from reception to prearation, analysis and reporting. All preparation techniques are available within the institution: cryomicrotomy, precision polishing, various coatings, electrolytic thinning, ion-milling,…

Thanks to the multilple and various comptences of its members, the CAREM is able to offer the most appropriate technique to every user, therefore answering any kind of demand.
The in-house expertise fields include functional ceramics, thin films, cements, concrete, minerals, metals and alloys, polymers and nanocomposites, biomaterials, biological samples…
Furthermore, the CAREM has strong collaboration with external or foreign laboratories for a broader approach.

List of members:

R. Cloots, B. Vertruyen, C. Henrist, R. Closset --> Materials, ceramics
Ph. Compère, E. Parmentier --> Zoology: morphology
J. Lecomte --> Metallurgy
E. Pirard --> Natural mineral substances
M. Thiry --> Animal cytology
P. Motte --> Vegetal cell biology
Ch. Grandfils --> Biomaterials
L. Courard --> Cements and concretes
A-S. Duwez --> AFM, nanochemistry
C. Jérôme --> Polymers
E. Javaux --> Paleobotanics
B. Heinrichs, N. Job, S. Lambert, A. Leonard --> Chemical Engineering
A. Vanheusden, A. Mainjot --> Dentistry
N.D. Nguyen, A. Silhanek --> Nanostructural physics & interfaces